Sealing Process
General overview of the duct sealing process and operation

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1. LIMS Aeroseal technicians in a van arrive with all necessary equipment, inspect the HVAC system, and carry out prep work (capping off the section to be sealed, blocking grilles, masking sensitive equipment etc) to isolate the ductwork, and connect the Aeroseal equipment to the chosen ductwork access/injection point.

2. We need just one access point to the ducting for our equipment. We use this injection point to pressurise the duct, run our pre-seal leakage test, and then fill the duct with a “fog” of aerosolised sealant, which is kept under pressure and in motion within the duct.

aeroseal mobile technicians lims hvac 3. At leak sites, nanoparticles of sealant form a pliable, strong and airtight seal. At each hole, and they bottleneck and build up on the edges of the leak, then on themselves.

4. Each air leak (up to 15mm diameter) is quickly sealed with what looks a bit like quite rubbery silicone. Since Aeroseal works from the inside of the ductwork, it can locate and seal leaks throughout the entire duct system, even those hidden behind walls or in other hard to access locations.

5. Each “sealing event” (section of ductwork) usually involves roughly 50 metres of ductwork, and is often completed within an hour, but these factors depend heavily on duct construction and complexity, and the leakage involved.

6. When we finish sealing, we run our post-seal leakage test. We then pack down and return the ducts to service. 

7. Curing time for the sealant is two-three hours (so there is a slight odour in the ducts for this time) and 24 hours after sealing, the sealed leaks can withstand pressures of up to 2,000Pa.

8. Aeroseal software live graphs duct airtightness as we carry out our duct sealing operation, so you can watch your leakage being repaired. We supply our pre and post seal results (in litres per second and centimetre squared “equivalent sized hole” – the total leakage area) to our clients.

General overview of the duct sealing process and operation

General Process

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Detailed Process

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The Duct Sealing Process

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