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LIMS Aeroseal Duct Sealing is an onsite service provided by the LIMS Group.

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LIMS began in 2009, supplying HVAC/R installers, and is now in Auckland and Tauranga. 

LIMS Aeroseal is a mobile duct sealing service and can be on the ground quickly to help you reach HVAC airflow design or commissioning targets, improve building energy audit results, and increase indoor environmental quality in your home or workplace.

We pride ourselves on responsive, agile customer service, working with our clients to bring them the benefits of airtight ventilation ducts quickly and effectively. We are flexible, we minimise business interruption and we co-ordinate with contractors onsite. With Aeroseal, ducts can be sealed and returned to service within hours.

Our mission:

lims hvac aeroseal operators

To make every one of our clients happy that they called us. Whether our customers want to get across the line at commissioning without issues and delays, reduce HVAC energy usage and operating costs, improve their indoor air quality or thermal comfort and keep their people happier and more productive; we want to achieve the results they require, in the best way for them. Every Aeroseal job requires a slightly different scope, approach and timeframe. We work with project and facility managers, building owners/occupiers and ducting installers to get the job done well, and done fast.

We represent service providers, and the final client, with professionalism in our operation, our health and safety practices and all aspects of our appearance. 

If you are a service contractor looking to provide an impressive energy management or IAQ initiative to your client, our duct sealing service could put you in front of the competition. LIMS Aeroseal will be a valuable addition to a procurement package, and show proactive management of utility consumption to Facility and Property Managers.

Free Phone
0508 482 278

+64 9 571 3229

+64 7 571 5467

+64 9 571 3228

Penrose Branch
13 Fairfax Ave, Penrose, Auckland.

Albany Branch
7C Vega Place, Albany, Auckland.

Tauranga Branch
74 Birch Ave, Judea, Tauranga.

Postal Address
PO Box 75162, Manurewa, Auckland 1061.

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